Rankings Vision Driven

Vision Driven

CCC Group’s vision is to be a premier heavy industrial contractor. One of the many evidences that affirms the degree of our commitment to this vision is Engineering News-Record’s (ENR) release of its annual Top 400 Contractors, followed by the Contractor Sourcebook issue.

In May, ENR released the rankings of the top 400 contractors working in the U.S., based on their reported total volume of the previous year. CCC Group, once again, demonstrated tenacity with a respectable ranking of #274 among the top 400.

As a follow-up to the Top 400 Contractor’s issue, the ENR team delves further into analyzing contractors’ data. Subsequently, based on a contractor’s volume per industry, ENR releases a more detailed ranking of contractors, determined by the amount of activity in each sector and their project types.

CCC Group’s ranking of #17 among the top 50 contractors working in industrial process plants confirms our leadership position in this market sector, which includes a wide variety of plants and facilities. In addition, our work has also positioned us among the top 15 companies working in the Chemical and Mining sectors.

These rankings also give credence to being driven by our vision, which further states, “We are passionate about our work and truly enjoy building strong relationships with our customers and service providers. Building with Integrity resonates throughout our company.”