Highlights of CCC’s History

In 1947 Merl Huebner and George Guthrie founded what would become a nationally recognized industrial construction company. While many of the early successes were in commercial construction, it would not be long before the industrial projects far outnumbered the commercial projects. That continuing trend has resulted in more than 90% of all CCC Group projects being “Industrial” in nature. Growth is a byproduct of commitment and customer loyalty. When combined with a family of employees dedicated to satisfying a client’s needs and solving serious problems, customer loyalty is created.  CCC Group is fortunate to have forged relationships with clients that have spanned decades.  Those relationships and the challenges that dedication often brings, have strengthened our company and fueled our growth.

To this day, we forge new relationships and welcome new challenges.  Today, CCC is a nationally ranked company with 2500 employees, several regional and international offices providing multi-disciplined construction services to a wide variety of markets both in the U.S. and in select foreign locations.

1947 – Predecessor to CCC Group, Inc. established

1949 – 1st project for Alcoa Company begins transition from commercial construction to industrial construction

1952 – 1st project for General Telephone (predecessor Verizon)

1962 – 1st job for AT&T and Structural Metals, Inc.

1968 – Commercial Channel & Dock, Industrial Mechanical Company (IMC: in-house fabrication shop) and G&H Equipment Company established

1969 – Company headquarters moves to present location

1970 – 1st dragline in Fairfield, TX

1973 – 1st Design-Build project: Main underground communications complex at the then new DFW airport.

1977 – Electrical division established

1979 – Marine division established

1980 – IMC establishes machine shop

1985 – Company consolidates separate, but commonly owned corporations into ONE company, CCC Group, Inc.

1986 – Company volume breaks $50M

1987 – Safety Department formally established

1995 – Company’s first overseas project for Alcoa; Presence in Suriname is established.

1996 – Company volume breaks $100M

2000 – Company does design-build forge facility for the manufacturing of large aluminum truck rims project in Mexico for Alcoa.

2001 – QA/QC Department formally established

2004 – Company volume surpasses $200M, ESOP initiated

2006 – Company volume surpasses $300M

2007 – Company volume surpasses $500M

2008 – Company breaks ground on first turnkey installation of “greenfield” cement plant

2011 – Industrial Mechanical Company (IMC), a division of CCC Group transitions to using the corporate name of CCC Group, Inc.

2014 – Celebrated 10 years of Employee Ownership

2015 – 100% Employee Owned

2017 – 70th anniversary

2018 – Company completes largest single contract to date $215M

2018 – Joe A. Garza transitions to President & CEO

2019 – Completed largest project to date $215M

2021 – Company reaches 5 Million Safe Hour milestone