CCC Group is proud to announce our collaboration with LowCarbon America to aid the Cement Industry in reaching Zero Carbon. Our team of experts possesses extensive experience in the Cement Industry and considers the effort to Zero Carbon to be an important step.  As “cement people,” we are highly regarded in the industry and have established partnerships with producers, suppliers, business partners and now, a world-class Carbon Capture expert.

Since 2005, LowCarbon has been the leader in driving green initiatives in Korea and Asia. With the establishment of LowCarbon America, they are now positioned to help the US in responding to the ever-changing needs of the environment. LowCarbon has cutting-edge CCU technology which blends proven science and a revolutionary Utilization component to the Carbon Capture process.

LowCarbon CCUS system

  • A technology that captures CO2 (carbon dioxide) generated during the process in a wet method and converts it into a carbonate resource material.
  • It is a system that sprays a KLC catalyst into a scrubber to increase the amount of CO2 captured and converts it into a carbonate resource material.

LowCarbon KLC

  • A catalyst that converts CO2 present in the atmosphere of the pollutant into a carbonate resource material of Na2CO3 or CaCO3 by contacting the KLC+H2O solution (KLC-S).

LowCarbon is familiar and can help our partners with sequestration, but the strength for LowCarbon is their utilization breakthroughs.  In their flagship systems, not only is Carbon reduced, but a viable byproduct is generated and can be used in many different applications. A high-purity Na2CO3 or CaCO3 can be produced with in the system.  Examples of the use of this material is in mixing with cement to be used as Tetrapods for marine construction or standard concrete for construction, and in this application the CO2 is permanently sequestered.

LowCarbon CCUS Plant Overview

  • CO2 generated from industrial CO2 emission sources (cement, power plant, glass industry) is captured by LowCarbon CCUS system.
  • KLC to be used as CO2 capture catalyst is supplied from LowCarbon KLC production plant and be used for CCU plant.
  • Capture and resource CO2 with KLC solution in CCU plant
    : Mineral Carbonation Resources – Recycled as Na2CO3 or CaCO3
  • Recycled materials are mixed with cement and used as Tetrapod and/or concrete blocks.



CO2 exhaust gas generated in the Power plant is transferred to Scrubber, and the KLC solution is sprayed form the top with Scrubber water, and CO2 is dissolved in the KLC solution to capture CO2.



When the KLC is saturated by the CO2, through the Crystallizer, the solution is transferred to the Dehydrator to undergo a dehydration process, and some KLC-S is transferred to the mixing tank, and the sludge containing moisture is converted into Na2CO3 form in the final powder form through a Dryer.


KLC solution separated from the Dehydrator is transferred to the buffer tank and reused.

In addition to being a leader in CCU/S, LowCarbon is also a world leader in Hydrogen Production: Beyond Blue Hydrogen to Green Hydrogen.

Leading in the energy transition era, LowCarbon will become the number one world environmental company that produces clean hydrogen. Hydrogen (H₂) is in the spotlight as an alternative energy source for oil and coal. Korea is taking the lead in creating a hydrogen ecosystem, including the enactment of the hydrogen law. Creating demand and supply through mass production of blue hydrogen will speed up the creation of a hydrogen ecosystem. During NG modification, about 10 tons of carbon dioxide are emitted per ton of hydrogen production. Converts this gray hydrogen to blue hydrogen using CCUS technology from LowCarbon. We will implement a hydrogen ecosystem with LowCarbon technology to convert gray hydrogen into blue hydrogen and blue hydrogen into green hydrogen.

Through our partnership, CCC Group and LowCarbon America can deliver a turnkey CCU solution for all our cement industry clients. Our CCC LowCarbon team will meet with you and then provide a tailored solution to your environmental team for review.

For questions and to schedule a consultation please contact:

Daniel Gary, Vice President- CCC Group