Lime Plant Major Expansion

CCC was responsible for erection of new kiln, scrubber, baghouse and ancillary systems in support of major lime plant expansion.

  • Erection 480 ft long kiln
    • This is the longest lime kiln without a pre-heater that has been erected in North America since 1975. The kiln is 14.5 ft dia. and was assembled from 19 sections, all of which were sub-arc welded. CCC performed pre-assembly of “can sections” in a lay-down and staging area and transported sections weighing roughly 180,000 lbs each to their final erection point.
  • Installation of a Solios dry scrubber and an 8 compartment baghouse that included a reactor, recycle lime bin, and hydrated lime bin.
  • Ancillary systems installed included a burner building, tubular stone feed conveyor system roughly 200 ft long, two emergency feed conveyors, cooler, coal bin, coal mill, and coal drag conveyors.

Graymont, Inc

Pleasant Gap, PA

Graymont is the second largest producer of lime in North America, with close to 20 locations serving key market regions across Canada and the United States. Several of the sites include rail-to-truck trans-load terminals that extend the plant’s respective geographic market areas. Graymont also has a significant investment in Grupo Calidra, the largest lime producer in Mexico.

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