Impala Conveyor Installation

Conveyor installation at Burnside Bulk Terminal in support of $250 million major refurbishment

  • Erected over 800 tons of structural steel for 6 towers and over 7,200 LF of conveyor trusses & bents
  • Installed 5,977 LF of 72′ Conveyor belts and 1,280 LF of 84′ conveyor belts
  • Mobilized a 1500 Ton Pedestal Crane in support of two (2) over the Mississippi River Levee lifts
  • Lifts were 310′ and 260′ LF long conveyor truss sections, weighing 250 Tons and 210 Tons, respectively
  • Fast track schedule 7/10′ for 8 months

Impala Warehousing

Darrow, LA

Impala is a leader in the global commodities market. They own and manage a global network of terminals in addition to providing warehousing and logistics services.

Impala’s Burnside Terminal is a state-of-the art bulk terminal for coal, bauxite, alumina and other bulk commodities.