Compaction Plant

Moab, UT

Brownfield construction of a new compaction plant to replace older facility. The project, taking roughly 12 months, was successfully completed on time and within budget. Our scope of work included civil, concrete, structural, mechanical, equipment setting and piping. This was the seventh project successfully constructed by CCC Group for Intrepid.

Mechanical scope included installation of:

  • Feeders
  • Pressure vessels
  • Bucket elevators
  • Screw conveyors
  • Crushing equipment
  • 900 ft of belt conveyors
Intrepid Potash

Wendover, Utah

Intrepid is the largest producer of muriate of potash (potassium chloride, or potash) in the United States and is dedicated to the production and marketing of potash and langbeinite (sulfate of potash magnesia), another mineral containing potassium that is produced from langbeinite ore. Potassium is one of the three primary nutrients essential to plant formation and growth.

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