Covel Gardens Power Generation from Landfill Gas

Construction of methane gas to energy facility.

  • Gas tie-ins to the existing flare facility, main header to gas processing & blower skid and distribution piping to each genset.
  • Provided and installed all underground piping, utilities and foundations to 6 each Cat 3520C reciprocating gas engine generator set
  • Construct the gas processing facility and several modular buildings.
  • Fabrication and field installation of the module enclosure housing the gensets. Included installation of all inter-connecting mechanical piping and equipment
  • Installed owner supplied radiators, sound attenuation equipment, and air intake and exhaust ductwork
  • Electrical and instrumentation
  • Civil work

Energy Developments, Inc.

Covel Gardens, TX

Energy Developments Limited (ENE) is an international provider of safe, clean, low greenhouse gas emissions energy and remote energy solutions.