Non-Woven Goods Line 5

Design, construct and manage grassroots non-woven manufacturing plant. New line produces wipes for automotive, industrial, and personal care industry by utilizing the Hydroentanglement process. Hydroentanglement or spunlacing is a mechanical bonding process whereby fibers are entangled by high pressure water jets. This type process results in chemical free fabrics.

Design, construct, and manage construction of 180,000 sq. ft. grassroots non-woven manufacturing plant and 25,000 sq. ft. corporate office.

Manufacturing, Office and Warehouse Areas by discipline.

  • Placed 11,300 CYD of concrete for manufacturing, warehouse and office areas.
  • Erected 1,100 tons of steel to support building, interior equipment and office area.
  • Welded and placed 21,000 LF of carbon steel and stainless steel piping up to 16′ in diameter.
  • Installed 136 miles of electrical and fiber optic cable.

Jacob Holm

Candler, NC

Founded in 1794, today Jacob Holm Industries is one of the world’s leading non-wovens corporations.