Jamalco Run-Off Water Storage Area

CCC Group was responsible for the construction of a run-off water storage (ROWS 1-5) area to receive excess process and run-off water from residue storage areas.

The project consisted of five major project packages: Earthworks, Lining System, Spillway, Mechanical and Electrical.

The total footprint area of the ROWS 1-5 storage lake is equal to 48.839 hectares (approx 120 acres). The civil portion of the project involved the cutting, filling, and installation of the following:

  • 1,735,548 cubic meters of earth was cut
  • 1,143,303 cubic meters of compacted fill installation
  • 246,7780 cubic meters of compacted clay installation
  • 424,762 square meters of HDPE liner installation
  • 132,426 cubic meters of geotextile installation
  • 64,798 cubic meters of riprap installation


Clarendon, Jamaica, West Indies

Jamalco mines bauxite and refines it into alumina before exporting it from Jamaica to various aluminum smelters.