World’s First Rectangular Hyperbaric Chamber

Contracted to complete the material fabrication and finishing on the World’s first ASME/PVHO Rectangular Chamber. Its rating is: 3 ATA (atmospheres).

  • Main and transfer chambers have an internal width of 9’4″, with a chamber height of 7’4″
  • Three sliding doors, 48″ wide and 76″ tall
  • Large 18″ viewports provide abundant natural lighting

The main chamber is designed for the comfort and care of patients. The client added features include:

  • 12 single-seat, ergonomically designed chairs that are comfortable, modular folding and easy to remove
  • Removable drink holders
  • Three 32″ sealed, nitrogen-purged television monitors
  • Video system for viewing DVDs, VHS movies, or cable television
  • 4 audio selections: Television, AM or FM radio, or satellite radio
TWF Services, Gulf Coast Hyperbarics

DeKalb Hyperbaric Medicine

Lithonia, Georgia

A new 12-patient, double-lock rectangular chamber system is installed at Dekalb Hyperbaric Medicine in Lithonia, Georgia. This innovative new chamber has a number of features designed to make hyperbaric medicine easier for patients as well as hospitals and medical staff.